Attitude status for whatsapp

By | August 11, 2016

Attitude Whatsapp status

Every one has attitude today.. Some calls it style where as for some its ego. Today we have a list of best, unique, short and latest quotes on attitude. So if you are tired of searching the quote on attitude that describes your personality then stop your search right here as we bring the same for you.
Here you can find awesome quotes or lines on whatsapp that you can pick and set as your whatsapp status..
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We just hope that you enjoy reading these status and love our work..

Attitude Whatsapp status


Top 30 best Attitude whatsapp status for you

1- If you don’t like me than don’t raise you voice instead raise your standard.

2- I am not always free like you.. Try your luck.

3- I just love winters fog.. As no one knows I am smoking.

4- You are so lucky that you have a smart friend like me who is just awesome.

5- All of us have an annoying friend, If you don’t have then it’s probably you.

6- Always remember that I am always for those who are always ready to be there for me.

7- Some relations are more valuable than the relation of blood.

8- Fake people around you always believe in rumors and real friends in you.

9- I follow my own rules so stay out of it.

10- I choose to be with you not coz you are nice but because we have same attitude problem.

11- Its my life, my choices and you are pleased to keep your nose out of it.

12- My attitude always depend on the people around me.

13- It is better to be alone than to be with a fool like you.

14- It is not an attitude, it is a standard which the people like you can’t handle.

15- Life is actually short but not that short that you stop living it.

16- Stop checking my status.. By coping it, you don’t become smart like me.

17- I started with nothing and surprisingly I have most of it.

18- I know you don’t have enough guts to impress me.. So please don’t stress me.

19- I am glad that my first and last love is none other but me.

20- People are selfish, impatient and insecure and that’s why they are people not god.

21- Love me for who I am and as I am otherwise just get lost.

22- To love yourself is the best thing one can do.

23- My attitude might hurt you but never kill you.

24- Let the world think.. Be yourself.

25- It is perfectly okay if you doesn’t like me as it’s not your job to like me coz its mine.

26- I really don’t care what you think.. Coz your opinion doesn’t matter.

27- I am proud of being me and I can’t change myself for any one.

28- My attitude has the power to kill people which can be used as a weapon.

29- It is not my attitude, Its my style..

30- Being wrong is the way that leads a man to the path of success.


Flaunt Your Attitude In Stylets’ Way 

WhatsApp and youngsters, these two things are quite complementary. Youngsters use WhatsApp to show their style and attitude, where WhatsApp is popular just because of the youths. Therefore, if you are a youth and have a lots of attitude then you can just simply show it through the attitude WhatsApp status. These statuses are just perfect for youngsters and best for describing their personality.

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Soon you friend will be gaga over the profile status you have. I mean, they would just admire for the individuality, attitude and self-confidence you possess.

Not just attitude, love is also in the air

Yes, ego and attitude work everywhere, but not like as the love does. Therefore, despite sharing the attitude statuses, if you feel like being in love and share some romantic feelings for someone special, then they also have love statuses. These plethoras of love WhatsApp status are totally unique and new. And to the fact, they are highly expressive.

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Why should you get your status from WhatsApp Status Search?  

Well, this is harsh but true that now everyone has this quality of expressing his or her feeling in beautiful wordings. Therefore, they might require some help and that is why WhatsApp Status Search is here.

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