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By | September 22, 2017

Bike Status for Whatsapp in Engslish , Bike Racing Status, New Bike Rider Status 2017, Best Bike Status, Latest Bike Status, Most Popular Status on Bike . Hi guy’s ! Today we are going see to about Bike Whatsapp Status. Bike every one is having passion on bikes. A motorcycle often called a bike , motorbike or cycle is a two or three wheeled motor vehicle motorcycle design varies greatly to suit a range of different purpose long distance travel, commuting,cruising, sport including racing and off road riding motorcycling is riding a motorcycle and related social activity such as joining a motorcycle club and attending motorcycle rallies.

Bike  whatsapp status

1. Motorcycles have a higher rate of fatal accidents than automobiles or trucks and buses.
2.The motorcyclist’s riding position depends on rider body-geometry combined with the geometry of the motorcycle itself.
3. A motorcycle is broadly defined by law in most countries for the purposes of registration, taxation and rider licensing as a powered two-wheel motor vehicle.
4.Motorcycles and scooters’ low fuel consumption has attracted interest in the United States from environmentalists and those whom increased fuel prices affect.
5.Sport – the rider leans forward into the wind and the weight of the upper torso is supported by the rider’s core at low speed and air pressure at high speed
6.The footpegs are below the rider or to the rear
7.The reduced frontal area cuts wind resistance and allows higher speeds
8.At low-speed this position throws the weight of the rider onto the arms, which can tire the rider’s wrists.
9.Standard – the rider sits upright or leans forward slightly.
10.The standard posture is used with touring and commuting as well as dirt and dual-sport bikes, and may offer advantages for beginners.
11 Cruiser – the rider sits at a lower seat height with the upper torso upright or leaning slightly rearward.
12. Legs are extended forwards, sometimes out of reach of the regular controls on cruiser pegs.
13. The low seat height can be a consideration for new or short riders. Handlebars tend to be high and wide.

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