English status for whatsapp

By | August 11, 2016

English status for whatsapp

English is one of the most widely used language. Today many people are using it in their day to day lives like to talk with each other, in messages, etc. English is used every where and even when you any where for job, it is must that you should understand this language because currently it has a great scope which is not going to reduce in future also.. If you are a whatsapp user and searching for some best, unique and latest whatsapp quotes then take a look over our collection.
We have a list of nice quotes in english and we just hope you like our awesome collection. So enjoy reading our new quotes and pick any of them to set as your new status on whatsapp. Also if you like you can share these quotes as sms to your near and dear ones. You may also come to the site again if you love to read these type of english status as we regularly update our site with the best and new quotes which is liked by our clients and in turn they give us good feedback..


Best top famous English Status for Whatsapp

1- My life would be too easy, if we never met.

2- Don’t be afraid of life, it is very short.. Live it to the fullest.

3- I never believe in love till the time I met you.

4- Learn to love the life, it will surely love you back either sooner or later.

5- The stronger your relationship is, the happier person you are..

6- Never hurt any one who truely loves it because it broke them completely.

7- No doubt life is short but it is not easy.

8- Change yourself if you want to see any sort of change in me.

9- Don’t do any thing which you doesn’t like any one can do with you.

10- Time never waits for any one and that is why it is so precious.

11- Some times we don’t get what we want because god is planning better than that for us.

12- Before you judge any one, try to make you perfect in every aspect.

13- Love, life and live and do not bother for any thing else in the world.

14- When you don’t care why are you come up with a complaint now..

15- In order to build up the strength, one should be courageous.

16- Love me the way I am because I am not going to change my self for any one.

17- Life is all about wondering and imaginations.

18- Never give any one that much importance that they think you are always available.

19- A day may be bad but not the whole life.

20- I have found the most beautiful reason to smile and that’s you.

21- Act like a human not like a season that has a tendency to change.

22- Life with out love is like a sunless garden.

23- Never keep any thing in your heart for too long that it becomes too late.

24- I am sorry if my words ever hurt you.. Please come back.

25- To love or to hate is up to you but please atleast don’t ignore.

26- I wish I could live that life again in which you and me were we..

27- I am fed up of trying, I think now its time to move on.

28- Enjoy the company of your enemies because it make them jealous of you.

29- My life is not perfect but it has many perfect moments.

30- You never said but I know you miss me too..

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