Exam status for whatsapp

By | August 11, 2016

Exam status for whatsapp

Hello every one, Today we are sharing some of the best, unique as well as latest exam quotes with you. These lines are related to the feeling of students during their exams. Generally students post different type of funny, sad and serious status on their whatsapp and also share good luck messages etc to their friends and class mates.
The quotes written below consists of all those lines and thus helps you a lot in choosing and updating the best quote as your new status on whatsapp. If you are looking for such kind of exam status then read the following lines and update your new status on your whatsapp. We hope you like our unique collection and visit to our site again in order to get other new quotes to share with your friends as sms or to update a status. Also don’t forget to give your feedback as it means a lot to us in order to make us better than us and improvise the quality of our work..


Best top 100 whatsapp Exam status for you

1- Keep calm, my exams are coming.

2- When my friend helps me in exams, I feel like I found a chapati in hunger.

3- Love is not the best feeling, Best feeling comes when exams get over.

4- Some one help me please, I am suffering from exams.

5- Just do your best and forget the rest, All the best for exams.

6- In a serious relationship with my EXAMS.. Kindly don’t disturb me.

7- Dear exams, please be nice to me like the way I am nice to you.

8- Lets Rock out.. My exams are over now.

9- Exam is over- Oh yeah!
Result comes- Oh shit..

10- Life takes many exams and we have to pass in each one of them.

11- Just focus on your goal and work work, you’ll surely get success.

12- I wish I can write Lol after the end of every answer in exams.

13- Exams are the most critical and difficult time for the students.

14- I don’t know from where I get the super natural power in the last 5 minutes of exams.

15- Always have faith in you, you know more than you think you do.

16- If you never fail, it means you never try some thing new.

17- The main aim of exams is to distinguish between the empty mind and the open mind.

18- Exam time- Don’t you dare to disturb me!

19- I just don’t like preparing for exams.. Is there any app for that?

20- Your grades never measure your level of intelligence, it just measure your hard work.

21- Good luck for your exams, Do you best and don’t care of any thing else.

22- Success is solely depends on the second letter.

23- The main reason why people fails is Exams.. Isn’t it?

24- Please Do not disturb, Brilliant minds are at work.

25- Keep calm and fight for the final exam.

26- May god bless me with highest marks in the exams..

27- An exam is just the way to know some thing about the subject..

28- Today is exam tension, Tomorrow I’ll give you full attention.

29- I wish I can sit near the google during exams..

30- Result is always more dangerous than that of exams..

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