Funny whatsapp status

By | August 18, 2016

Funny Whatsapp status

Hi, today we bring our latest collection of funny quotes for your whatsapp status. As today every body is using whatsapp, they need to have some really funny and refreshing quotes which they can share with their family or friends in order to keep in touch and make them laugh simultaneously. If you are looking for suck kind of funny quotes then the site is for you. We have many funny lines that you can update as your new whatsapp status and make all of your contacts laugh as laughter is the best medicine and reduces your stress to the great extent.
So go through these nice, funny and unique quotes and pick any of the quotes that you like the most to make it your status on whatsapp. We just hope that like our existing viewers, you also like our collection and visit here again when you require such kind of quotes for you to share as message with your friends or to update as your status..


Top 30 best Funny whatsapp status for you

1- It’s really funny to see a gang of girl sitting silently..

2- I am living a fantasy world, So please make all these real things away from me.

3- Some times the only thing you want from others is love.. Just kidding, some times its money too.

4- I am always around a classy man, I am talking of myself.

5- I don’t need education because I was born intelligent.

6- I wont impressed with the new and latest technology until I can download food.

7- My relationship is more complicated than the relation of Romeo and Juliet.

8- I save a lot of my energy and people think I am lazy.

9- O god if you can’t make me slim then kindly make my friends fat.

10- In order to live a happy or peaceful life, stay away from me.

11- When ever you need an expert advice, always remember you have my number.

12- Don’t hate mosquitoes as they carry your blood and like family.

13- When girl keeps quite, every thing seems funniest.

14- Life is too short.. So it you have teeth then smile.

15- My college has taught me the great lesson of my life and it’s texting with out looking.

16- I am sure Google is a woman as it know each and every thing.

17- Today has been cancelled. Go back to your Bed and have a sleep.

18- I don’t know why people steal my ideas, before I think of them.

19- Hey there, don’t be there and stop checking my status.

20- Its not that I dont want to work hard but being lazy is really fun.

21- Keep silent when you dont know the answer of any question and smile when you dont know how to react on any situation.

22- I have no worries regarding terrorism coz I am married.

23- Dont waste your valuable time in checking my status and last seen again and again.

24- My Status.. My Attitude.. My Style.

25- Stop looking to my status, Instead do some work.

26- I am always awesome to me irrespective of the situation.

27- We all are having Smart phones and lazy people around us.

28- A black cat stops many more people than that of a Red signal.

29- Keep an onion a day and let every one away.

30- Always make sure to make your life funny.. it makes every thing easy and simple.

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