Girl Impress status for Whatsapp

By | August 11, 2016

Girl Impress status for Whatsapp

To impress a girl is one of the most difficult task which one can do because it takes lot of efforts.

If you are trying to impress some one special of your life then the best way is to tell her about your feelings with beautiful and impressive words that made her feel special. This is the best way and you can also dedicate the cute status to her on whatsapp in order to impress her.
We have a list of these cute and adorable quotes which you can pick and set as your whatsapp status. This collection is related to impress a girl and you can get other quotes like this any time when you visit to our site.
Lets take a look and enjoy these cool, sad, romantic quotes by reading and sharing the same with your friends, family and relatives as sms as well by set them as your new status on whatsapp and dedicate to your some one special..


New best Girl Impress status for Whatsapp

1- Life is all about to live but my life is only about to live with you.

2- True love is hard to find and harder to hide.

3- You are the best blessing of my life the god gave me..

4- Never impress a girl with that who you are not, Be real and be brave..

5- I am in love with you along with all your flaws and imperfections.

6- Don’t waste your time in impressing other people, Do what you really want to do.

7- Your love makes my ordinary life into the fairy tale dream life.

8- I can change myself only for you not because you are my love but coz you are my life.

9- When you are not mad in the love, it simply means you are not in true love.

10- You are the only reason why I smile, I breath and I live.

11- To stay in love with one person forever is the best thing one can do.

12- I don’t want to be perfect, I just want to be with you now and always.

13- You are the one for whom I feel what I don’t feel for any one else..

14- I always imagine my future with you, Can you help you making my dream come true.

15- Your smile is the most beautiful smile I have ever seen..

16- I love to see your smile, your face, your eyes, and your love to me.

17- Love is just love, it is a strange feeling which can never be explained.

18- My feelings towards you never get vanished rather they get stronger with time.

19- I love you not because you are pretty but because I love you.

20- It feels so lonely in a crowdy area when you are not with me.

21- I was just like an ordinary man, your love made me special..

22- Loving you is by chance but to stay in love is my choice.

23- I will wait for you endlessly because actually no one replace you in my heart.

24- I try my best not to miss you but at the end I still do.

25- I am not perfect and I knew it but I am perfect for the girl like you.

26- You are the reason why I wake up every morning.

27- In order to make you smile, I can lose any thing in the world.

28- Loving you and to be loved back is the best thing of my entire life.

29- My heart beats so fast when I see you or even hear your name.

30- I have the best gift of my life and that’s you my princess..

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