Heart touching status for whatsapp

By | August 11, 2016

Heart Touching Whastapp status

Are you searching for some great quotes that touches the heart of people around you? If yes then this site is for you as we have a long list of heart touching quotes that helps you a lot in expressing your feelings to your near and dear ones.
These quotes we write here unique, latest and very heart touching and people generally use it as their new status on whatsapp in order to dedicate the same to people they love. We update our status after several different intervals of time and add many new and interesting quotes in the list.
We hope you like reading our collection and enjoy it and visit to our web site again when ever you need such kind of lines for you to update as your status.
Have a look and read one by one, Also let us know whether you like it or not by giving us your valuable feedback.


Top Best Heart Touching Status for Whatsapp


1- Why i am so near to you and you are miles apart from me..

2- When I miss you, the only thing I do is rememorizing the moments when we were together.

3- It kills me when you pretend like we are strangers.

4- Nothing is going to be the same like before because you still have no regrets.

5- Some times my silence means i really need a friend who understands me.

6- I never feel alone because your sweet memories are always with me.

7- You are my real soulmate because you was there for me when no body else was there.

8- We are separated.. Are you happy now?

9- The hardest part about love is to watch them with some one else.

10- Its painful to forget you.. the more I tried, the more I think of you.

11- Missing that time we spent together..

12- Missing and caring are the signs of loving some one deeply.

13- You are special to me and you always will. No matter where you are..

14- Your words some times hits me like the broken glass.

15- No matter how much you hurt me but you’ll always be the part of my life.

16- I wish you could love me the way I do..

17- Its painful when you miss some one badly and they even can’t think of you.

18- The worst thing about distance is you don’t know whether they still loves you or not.

19- Life teach us many lessons and some of them are very interesting that you never forget them.

20- It is easy to say move on but very hard to swipe away all the memories.

21- You always wipe out my tears and now you are the reason for my tears.

22- If I am angry, it doesn’t mean I stopped loving you.

23- Its hard to forget the one who gave you so much of sweet memories.

24- If you doesn’t care at that time when I need you, then don’t come now with an excuse.

25- I loves to laugh but you gave me the reason to smile.

26- With out you, a day is like a year but you don’t care.

27- Give my heart back to me because you don’t deserve it.

28- I just hope that some day you miss me the way I miss you.

29- Smiling doesn’t meant that I am really happy.

30- Some times we don’t understand we should forget or not..

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