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By | August 11, 2016

love Whatsapp status

The feeling of love is one of the best feeling. Love is not only about to say but it consists of many things like care, faith, truth etc. Some times it happens that we forget to tell our near or dear ones that how much we love them before and more than that now which creates some sort of issues in between. So if you are in the same condition and wants to regenerate the feel of your love then this place is for you.
We are sharing a list of love status for you which you can dedicate to your loved ones by updating the best quote on love written below as your new status on whatsapp. This is one of the best way to express your love to them as words has the power to express more than any thing else..
These love status for whatsapp will be very helpful to you as you are not required to find every time the nice lines to set as your status because our site will always offer you the same. We update our collection time to time and that is why people like our unique and latest collection. We just hope that you also enjoy reading our quotes and visit our site again when ever you need other new status for you whatsapp..


Best top 30 whatsapp love status for you

1- You are more than my life and nothing is more important for me than my life.

2- You are my whole world and I am not even a part of your world.

3- Some one has stole my heart and I just love this thief.

4- If it is a true love then it never ends..

5- I am in love with you that you have been and all you are yet to be.

6- You are the one whom I can’t forget to the rest of my life..

7- I want you with all your flaws, mistakes and imperfections.

8- Some times distance tell us how far the love can travel.

9- I just want you and your happiness even if i am not the reason.

10- I love you but I hate you, I miss you but still I am sure I hate you.

11- You can’t see the love but it can be felt like an cold wind..

12- I just hate you for making me love you unconditionally.

13- I don’t know why I feel this way only for you and not for any one else.

14- Some times it is important to separate than to be with each other and fight.

15- When you are in love with some one, its better show them and not to tell them.

16- To be with you is like a dream come true.. Thanks for making my life so beautiful.

17- My life knows its meaning because of you.

18- We can’t buy true love but still we have to pay a lot for it.

19- You never love me and I never forget you.. I think that’s love.

20- You give meaning to my life when it loses every thing else.

21- I can’t love you from the bottom of my heart because you have my heart.

22- I hate you but this is also truth that I can’t stop loving you.

23- My love for you last till my last breath..

24- I want to see you every day, every where and every time..

25- True love is when you understand each other’s words before asking.

26- Just because we are not together, doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

27- Missing some one is even harder than to love them..

28- I always want to be a part of your life and doubles all your joys.

29- Your smile makes my whole day.. Be happy always.

30- We can’t find the love of our life, Love is some thing that find us.

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