Rain status for whatsapp

By | August 11, 2016

Rain Whatsapp status

Hi every one, here we have the best collection on rain status. Rainy days and rains are liked by many of the people around us and people also love to share the quotes or nice lines when it is raining. Some like to express their love of rain by updating their status over rain on the social sites or apps like whatsapp.
If you are also admirer of rain, loves rainy days or missing some one when it rains and wants to update a nice status on whatsapp then you are at the correct place. We have made a list of beautiful lines on rain and you can pick any of them which you like the most to set as your new rain status for whatsapp and show your all the contacts of whatsapp your love to the rain. Our unique as well as latest collection also consists of many nice rain quotes, sad rain lines, funny lines on rain etc which you can share to your friends, family or relatives as message. Hopefully you like our work and revisit here to get the other new and interesting lines.. tubemate


Top best Rain Status for Whatsapp

1- Let the rain swipe out every pain and sorrow of our lives.

2- I love to get wet in rain as then no one notices my tears.

3- Your behaviour is like rain, completely unpredictable.

4- I just hate rainy season because it makes me miss you a lot more than before.

5- I wish we could enjoy the rainy days with each other like before.

6- Rains makes me forget every thing bad of my life and makes me happy.

7- Lets dance in the rain and forget every thing else..

8- Don’t be jealous if you see any one enjoying the rain, every one has different story.

9- Rainy days are the most romantic days of the year, it spread love every where.

10- Dancing in the rain is the best thing one can do in the rainy days.

11- When it is raining, I think of you. When it is not, I still thinks of you.

12- Raining when you are at the beach is far better than to see the rains in the office.

13- Every drop of rain water shows the love of sky and earth for each other.

14- The beauty of this world is seen when its raining.

15- There’s always exists a rainbow after every rain.

16- The sound of falling rain is the best music I have ever heard.

17- Happy monsoon as it is the best gift the nature gave us.

18- I just wanted to get wet in your love like people get wet in the rains.

19- If you really like some one, you don’t need a rainy day to express your love to them.

20- It’s raining, It’s pouring and you are the most boring..

21- Be care free like the rain, only then you can have the amazing life.

22- When ever it rains, I feel the pain of our separation.

23- I wish I could sit in the rain like before with you and our talks goes on and on and on..

24- People miss their lovers in rainy season and I miss the coffee with Pakoras.

25- I love the rains at that point of time when it stops..

26- Enjoying the rain.. Don’t have time to update the status.

27- Never run in the rain with your high heels.

28- Raining is perfect when thunder and lightening joins it.

29- Happy monsoon to all dear friends.. Enjoy the rainy season.

30- I just want a friend who truely cares and make my life colourful like rainbow..

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