Sad status for whatsapp

By | August 11, 2016

Sad Whatsapp status

Hi every one, we are here again to present our latest and unique collection of sad quotes or sad status for whatsapp. These lines will make you sad deep inside. If you are sad or wanted to express your sadness by way of updating your status on whatsapp then just read the following lines and if you find these quotes exactly what you are feeling right now then kindly set any of the sad quote as your new sad status for whatsapp.

These lines is very useful to you as they tell your friends or family what you are feeling right now, why you are sad etc. If you enjoy reading our heart touching sad quotes collection then update the same as your status and tell us your opinion or point of view on these quotes by giving your valuable feedback..
So just have a look on our short, interesting and impressive quotes and visit to our web site again in order to get other new and updated sad status on the same site.


Top 30 best Sad whatsapp status


1- If you are happy by making me sad then it’s perfectly okay.

2- I feel so sad and lonely with out you but you won’t care.

3- Its strange that earlier who was the reason of my smile is now a reason of my tears.

4- If I am silent, it means I am in pain.

5- It hurts because it still matters for me a lot.

6- The real sadness of my life is you never remember any thing and I can’t forget all those things.

7- The fear of losing you makes me immensely sad and insecure.

8- Thanks for making me realise that I am strong enough to live alone.

9- I just hope some day my memories make you sad when I am not there.

10- If my heart stops breathing.. then will you miss me?

11- It hurts a lot when I walked away and you let me go..

12- Some times I regret on those untold words that are now the most painful memory.

13- I know some day you miss me the way I am missing you today.

14- Silence is the most powerful scream.

15- The only thing that makes my cry is not having you by my side.

16- Tell me once when you quit, I’ll also quit on my life.

17- Giving up is a sign of weakness and yeah you are my weakness.

18- Being Ignored is the worst feeling I have ever experienced.

19- I hate it when I miss you every second and not able to tell you.

20- Yes I am sad but strong enough too to overcome from my pain.

21- Never giveup on some one you can’t spend a day not thinking about.

22- It’s sad how people become stranger so easily..

23- I love to be hurt by truth than to be happy by a lie.

24- I never stop loving or caring you, I just stopped showing it to you.

25- Its very easy to say but very hard to Move on..

26- It actually kills me when we ignore each other and don’t talk.

27- You are busy with your life and I am busy with your memories.

28- The more I work on saving our relation, the more you work on ruin it.

29- Nothing is going to be same again and that is why I am sad.

30- Some times your words kills me and other times your silence..


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