Selfish status for whatsapp

By | August 11, 2016

Selfish Whatsapp status

Every one sorrounds us is distinct as per his or her attitude but many of them are very selfish who only value them and they act to care for any one else when they need or want some thing from you. Today we update a long list of unique quotes for selfish people. You can update these selfish status on whatsapp and tell those people how their behaviour makes you feel. If you like these awesome lines shared by us then you can share the same with your friends or family.
We hope like our other collection you will also love reading these below notes quotes as they helps you a lot in make them realize their selfishness that hurts other people. So just go through these lines and tell us whether you like it or not..


Best top 30 whatsapp Selfish status for you

1- When you are mine, you are mine.. I don’t like sharing.

2- I am glad to know that you are also happy especially with out me.

3- I never mind your talks because you don’t matter for me.

4- I am not selfish, I just love my self more than any one else.

5- Don’t be so selfish and carefree that people start hating you.

6- Some people are only important for themselves and they are called selfish ones.

7- I am so selfish that I can’t even see you talking with some one else.

8- Few people in our life are selfish but they still get so much of care and love.

9- Fake people only nice to you when they need some thing from you.

10- Be selfish and start loving yourself.

11- Never lose your value in order to give lot of value to some one in your life.

12- A relationship usually dies due to ego and selfishness.

13- Learn to ignore the selfish people just like the way they ignore..

14- You can’t always afford to be nice, some times you have to be selfish.

15- To make your happiness a priority is a necessity and not a selfishness..

16- A person is either selfish or happy, It is impossible to be both..

17- I hate my self because I hate selfish people.

18- Selfishness is one of the awesome way to be miserable.

19- Selfish people are not meant for relationships.

20- Life your life to express and not to impress.

21- Beware of selfish people because they always wear a fake mask.

22- Selfish people never think of any one else and that is why they don’t know our love towards them.

23- Some times you have to act like selfish in front of selfish people.

24- Selfish people tend to only be good to themselves.

25- Never let the opinion of others change your mind for any thing.

26- I am fed up of having a good heart for those who meant to love themselves only.

27- Relations takes your care and whole heart and selfish people can’t give it.

28- When you have given nothing and always remember to ask for the same thing.

29- Over self care some times effect adversely.

30- I don’t have time to hate selfish people coz I am busy in loving selfless people.

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